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Rebound is a 2D side-scrolling turn-based RPG game and you play as Sen who wakes up on an island without any of his memories. The game includes 2 optional party members and another route.


Music Credits:
Mista Jub
Scary Lemon

Additional Art Assets:

GenreRole Playing, Platformer
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, RPG Maker, Side Scroller
Average sessionA few hours


Rebound.exe 345 MB
Concept Art.rar 6 MB
Soundtrack.rar 120 MB


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I really enjoyed the Demo of your Game. If the Game would ever get revived and finished i would love to play the full version :)


oooo e aa aa ao A eoe A :)

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An impressive game with alot of very pretty visuals, surprising depth for a turn based rpg maker game, and very memorable characters. Even if the game will never be fully realized, what we have here is nothing short of art. Kuddos to you and all the supporting team for the wonderful art and music, (i still listen to this games music to this day while playing other games) be proud of the work you've done here and push yourself to go above and beyond this in your future. Cheers, pinyaps, thank you for this wonderful experience

(Excuse my subpar formatting and basic language, this is probably the 2nd time I've ever wrote any sort of review for a game)


That game is one of my most favorite so far! The art is impressive, soundtrack so catchy, all of the characters... Charismatics! And was very very fun to play. All my respect to the people in the project!

A special thanks  to Pinyaps from Brazil!


By the way, I miss Chicken and Track Boy.


This game was so good I created an account to talk about it.

I found this game thanks to its soundtrack (which I loved... and will talk more about it later) and because it was related to LISA (Which I'm a tad obsessed with) and... to put it simply, was amazing. Some small problems here and there but the wonderful and interesting characters, amazing soundtrack with nice locations and lovely combat make for a great game regardless of that.

Each battle in this game is simply so good that I found myself going out of my way to find more enemies to fight. The combat is challenging but NEVER unfair and I loved finding ways to "combo" character's attacks and skills with others in the party.

The soundtrack is AMAZING. S.Rufure, Timberline, Magic Dudes, Sewers, Stakes are High, Rolling Forward, No Joking Around (Also the unuseds: Impostor Club, Spirit Quest, Bellcurve...) And many more. Such wonderful WONDERFUL bops made the whole experience so much better.

It makes me really sad to know that this game's future is grim, but I'm happy that I could have so much fun with it, even if it was just for a while. Thanks for creating such a lovely game, I hope you find success in whatever you plan to do in your future.

By the way... could I make content related to this game (Fan art/videos/etc)? I simply loved it so much that I just want to do stuff related to it (even if I'm not very good at it).


Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it and I'm glad you had fun.

But I don't see why I wouldn't allow fan content lol


Nice! Well... better to ask for... permission than forgiveness. Or something like that.


I just finished this!

It was fun, I enjoyed the jokes in the early parts of the game. (Some jokes after returning to Barrel town are funny, too.)

The music was definitely what sucked me into the game, & definitely is great.

The "first chapter" is surprisingly long. I'm impressed. A bit of the game was a surprise, but I'll keep that vague due to spoilers.

There were a few glitches, but they're just the type that were easy to laugh off.

Lastly I'd like to add; the art & character design is pretty cool! Did you do the overworld backgrounds? I think they are super good.


I did just about every thing art related aside from menu sprites


Look, I'm EXTREMELY picky with my RPGs, I spend hours and hours searching for only gold, and I must say, this is an actual diamond

Really wish to this go forward


This game is, personally? One of my favorites, even until now.
I've been watching this game develop ever since Venus was still a Boss.
In all honesty, the gameplay is good, and the art is better. But what made this game, like many others, great, for me, was the amount of effort put into every second of it's playtime.
The game has a special place in my heart, personally, due to me and a friend being built off it when the Server was still up. And another having one of their characters in a Tabletop being inspired by Ronny.
The game still holds up about a year or two later, and I've never lost sight of it's fun and the emotion it brings out.
This isn't even to speak on it's gameplay, or the music tailored for the game itself. Magic Men in particular, is a great one to point out.
The combat is engaging, and each encounter is satisfying once you have everything sought out. It makes you want to seek out encounters instead of feeling obliged. The characters are lively, and they each have their own special gimmicks that, whilst, one-sided, are charming. It really holds out into the imagination of the player. 
Pinyaps' art is a blessing to hold for me, since every line is eye candy to behold once the line start coming to life. 
Although it's been years since it's activity and presence has died out, I'm still thinking about this game. And it's unfortunate that the game's direction is bleak for the forseeable future, but what there is of it now is still gonna be something that some people will certainly have fond memories of.
I'm sorry this comment has gone all over the place, and that it's been a slog to read, but I just wanted to give my apprecation for what there is of this game today.
Thank you for bringing this game to life, sincerely. I wish you good luck for whatever endeavors you seek out in the future.


This is one of the most touching things anyone has ever said about my content

Hey, man. Every thing you touch with compassion deserves that kind of praise. Keep on going, Pin. I know you can.


i feel kinda depressed when i see unfinished/cancelled single-developer ones including lisa/yume nikki fangames but the thing is you've done it deadass good

i still appreciate this and gonna play agan soon haha gonna bang interrob

This game is good actually. when you gonna update it?

i don't think i will sadly


i just don't have the drive to

that's worrying

it's been like this for almost 2 years now

oh I never knew you actually made a game pinyap

i don't like to bring it up

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This game is amazing and i love everything about it <3


I remember once seeing this game's music on a Youtube channel about a year ago. I found the Demo and fell in love with it, and then I found the Discord. I've just gotta say, after watching this grow for so long, this is in my eyes a masterpiece you've created.

Time to roll out the red carpet.

Thank you.

Hey uh, is this game still developing? the game is so good. and i'll wait if you do.

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some of the character designs can be better but the game at the moment its pretty good, i like when the game make me choose if i would save mi health or fight for experience. 

Character designs are definitely my weakest points when it comes to making a game but I'm glad you liked the game.

I would love to help you on that

Additionally, "If Windows tells you that Rebound.exe might be dangerous don't be alarmed. It seems to do this with every RPG Maker extractor application." why not use a traditional ZIP extension or to the very least a RAR extension rather than an executable that extracts itself?

I do believe that this type of executables are very sketchy, I don't say that your game has a virus or anything, I don't trust single EXE files that extracts themselves and it doesn't surprise me if antiviruses catch this as a malware (Even if it's a false positive).

I noticed that there was a folder called "ffi" with unrelated Unix files and a bunch of Ruby files, do you think that the game can run on Linux, because I have a Debian system (64 bits ARM) and it would be interesting to try the game out in it.

10/10 would play again